Sunflowers are my favorite flower. I always wanted to photograph them so when I found out that there is a field not even ten minutes from where I live I was really excited. We took three trips to these fields this year. The first time there were no blooming sunflowers to be seen. The second trip a few weeks later to the field across and through the woods from the first one had a huge field of sunflowers. They all looked at the ground. We left disappointed.  We decided to try to check out the fields one more time and finally we got to see some pretty sunflowers.

sunflower01 sunflower03 sunflowers02


Our Summer So Far

Our summer started on the first week of June with the kids getting out of school. Both kids were promoted to the 5th and 8th grades. School starts back in less than a month.  It has been a kinda laid back one for the kids. Here is how our summer is going in Instagram photos…. Swimming…

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Purina ONE Dry Cat Food from Influenster Review

This is our cat Hugo enjoying his first bowl of Purina ONE Dry cat food. He usually isn’t a picky cat, unless you buy the cheapest bag of cat food available, which makes him sick. Along with the bag of Purina ONE Dry Cat food Chicken and Turkey Flavor I also received a coupon for…

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She’s Levitating

I have always thought that photos of people levitating were pretty cool. I had no idea how it was done until I found this class on Skillshare. Turns out that it is pretty simple, not to mention very fun to do! I plan on doing more photos like this. Maybe one with my son or…

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Easter 2015

This Easter was pretty good. Pretty much the same as we do every year. Every year I visit my parents where we take portraits and have an egg hunt for the kids.


My First Surface Pattern Design

I recently enrolled in a class on Skillshare called Intro to Surface Pattern Design: Learn Adobe Illustrator / Create Patterns. I have always wanted to know how this was done. It turns out that creating a Surface Pattern Design is easier than I thought. I not only learned to create a pattern I learned a…

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