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I have watched a lot of What I Eat in a Day videos on Youtube. Most of them if not close to all of them consist of healthy diets. I guess not many people want to show what they eat if its not all that healthy. I decided to do a What I Eat In a Day in order to help me look back and to help me make some changes.

This year I really need to make some changes!

About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, which means I have little to no metabolism. I am overweight.  It makes me feel tired all time. I have thin hair which has thickened a little bit since since being put on Levothyroxine, a thyroid medication.

I have tried to change my diet a few times, but have failed to keep at. I even went vegan for a month but didn't stick with it.

I was surprised by a bag of my favorite candy sitting on my desk. I snacked on Dove Salted Caramel & Dark chocolate throughout the day. No more than ten pieces were consumed.

As I stay up a little late every night, I get up around noon. I also have to get up to make sure the kids get on the school bus and out the door. I’m only up 30 minutes during that. I go back to bed as soon as the bus pulls off.

I’ve never really been a breakfast person, so I when I get up around noon its lunch time.

Today I had Two frozen burritos smothered in salsa with a cup a cup of Coke.



I started supper around 2pm. I am making Crockpot BBQ Chicken breasts. I put 3 chicken breasts in with olive oil, pepper, garlic powder and a bottle of my favorite BBQ sauce, which is Sweet Baby Ray's brand. I let that cook until 8pm, six hours.

Around 4pm the kids came home from school and started snaking. I ended up joining my daughter and eating pizza. I get the Tostinos Cheese party pizzas and add spinach on top. When done I eat it with sriracha.

Had supper around 8pm. We eat pretty late around here due to jobs. We had the Crockpot BBQ chicken with Velveta shells and cheese along with Bushes baked beans. It was pretty good!

I drank about 4 cups of soda throughout the day. Mainly while eating.

As I look back on this day, I can see that I didn't eat all that healthy. The first thing that I really need to do is cut out soda and drink only water. Next would be to not snack on candy.

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1. Have you ever had anyone say anything negative to you about staying at home/ working from home? Not really. Most women in my family stay at home or have never had a job.

2. What is your favorite/least favorite part of staying home(or working from home)? Favorite…. Being at home around my family. Least favorite….Having to do any housework. I hate housework but someones gotta do it!

3. What is your favorite/least favorite chore? My favorite chore would have to be cooking. Most of the time I enjoy it and learning new things. My least favorite is the dishes…can’t stand them!

4. What time do you wake up/ go to bed? I usually try to go to bed by 12am only to make it by 3am. I have to be up at 6:30am to make sure the kids are awake and on time for the the bus. When their bus leaves around 7:20am, I go back to bed! I usually get back up before noon. I have an alarm set so I don’t sleep past noon. There have been a few times that I get up, turn it off and lay back down. I always leave my phone where i have to get out of bed to reach it. Sometimes I takes naps throughout the day.

5. Do you put anything on in the background while you clean/work/cook (tv, radio, podcast, etc.)? I usually listen to iHeartRadio on my phone. One of my favorite radio stations plays all kinds of country music. I love the old stuff. The station that I listen mixes the old stuff with the new.

6. Do you get dressed most days or stay in PJs? I am bad about staying in my pj’s at home unless I am going somewhere or someone is coming over.

7. How often do you do your hair and makeup? I make sure to do my hair everyday. I don’t wear makeup that often. Only on occasion.

8. What is your “trouble zone” or area in your home that needs the most help? The office! I share it with my husband who loves to collect things. So over half of the office is his collectables and a small section is his desk/drafting table.

9. How often do you find yourself getting distracted? All the time!

10. Do you enjoy staying home or do you miss going to a job everyday? I’ve never experienced going to a job so staying at home is the norm for me. As a homebody, I enjoy it!

11. What is your “never ending” chore? Laundry!

12. What is your favorite way to relax or have “me” time? I really enjoy my computer time. I love watching shows. Sometimes I just enjoy sitting in the quiet. I’ve been told that that’s weird by my family. I personally think everyone should have some quiet time just to sit and think…or not. It really help me mentally.

13. How often does your husband/significant other chip in? All the time. Everything isn’t put on me to do. I have the kids help also.

14. (If you have kids) When do you find time to do chores? I have teens, so anytime. I also get them to help daily.

15. How do you balance being a homemaker and creating Youtube content? Well I got this questionnaire off of Youtube, but I’m not a Youtuber. Just a fan who does occasionally posts videos to Youtube for the fun of it. I am a blogger. I create blogging content when the mood hits me.

16. What is your favorite room in your home and why? The office. Even though it could use some decluttering. It’s where my computer lives. 🙂

17. What is your least favorite room in your home and why? Bathroom. I have never liked being in a bathroom other than what is necessary

18. Do you feel your home reflects your personal style? Why/why not? Not really seeing that my style has changed since the last time we redecorated. So, its in need of an overhaul.

19. What does your home smell like? Right now, pizza. I just had lunch not long ago.

20. What is your strong point and weak spot when it comes to homemaking? I have no idea about my strong point, but my weak spot is cleaning. I can’t stand cleaning!

I am tagging any homemaker with a blog or Youtube channel.